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Supporting Health Service Staff Following an Adverse Event


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Health and Wellbeing Events Ireland 2018

Theme Website Link (external) Detail
Cycle to Work Scheme Visit Link Advice on purchasing bikes tax free scheme
Sli na Sláinte Visit Link Walking at work
Irish Heart Foundation Visit Link Advice on lifestyles
Fatigue Management Visit Link Risk assessment framework to support management of fatigue- an emerging theme in health and wellbeing agenda
Fatigue Management Visit Link
Smoking Cessation National Smokers Quit-line 1 850 201 203 Quitting tips
Physical Activity Visit Link Getting active
Physical Activity Visit Link Local runs /walks
Screening Services Visit Link Free screening services
Screening Services Visit Link
Screening Services Visit Link
Screening Services Visit Link
Resilience Training Visit Link Resilience Training
Pieta House Visit Link Supports for people who have suicidal ideation or self harm intention
Dignity at Work Visit Link Civility and respect in the workplace
Rehabilitation back to work Visit Link For staff injured at work
Stress Management Policy Visit Link Risk assessment
Terms and Conditions of Employment and Employee Handbook Visit Link Specific details about terms and conditions
Addiction Drug and Alcohol Helpline 1 800459459 Email Supports to overcome and manage addiction
Practitioner Health Email Bespoke supports for doctors,dentists and pharmacists  with serious mental health and addictions
Practitioner Health Visit Link
Health in Practice Programme Visit Link Health and wellbeing programme for GPs


Mental Health First Aid Ireland Familiarising yourself and your team with mental health first aid procedures can help with early intervention and provide for more open communication within teams. More information can be found at Mental Health First Aid Ireland.

Royal College of Physicians – Wellbeing

Practitioner Health Matters Programme The Practitioner Health Matters Programme is a confidential resource that offers support and care to doctors who are under stress or are experiencing a mental health, alcohol or substance misuse issue. They can also offer advice and support to the colleagues of health practitioners who are experiencing problems.

Doctors Health Matters (Medical Council) Doctors can also be referred to the Medical Council’s Health Committee, whose primary role is to monitor and support doctors in maintaining their registration during times of illness/disability. Managers should be vigilant in recognising when a doctor is in difficulty following an adverse event, trauma and when experiencing burnout. Initial support such as RAPID first aid should be offered to doctors who are experiencing mental health difficulties.

Doctors’ Health (ICGP) The ICGP Doctors’ Health in Practice Programme was established in March 2000. It aims to promote and support the good physical health, occupational health, psychological health and wellbeing of GPs. It encourages primary health care for doctors’ healthcare in the first instance and supports the aim that every GP should have a GP. The healthcare networks and helpline can also be accessed by GPs’ families so that GPs can avoid treating their own family members, and the email service can be accessed by practice staff, for example for health and safety issues.