Organisation Health is the ‘whole’ health of work. Healthy Organisations perform better. In healthy workplaces, employees know where the organisation is headed; understand how they fit into the organisation to get there; feel valued; are supported; work collaboratively; have the tools, capabilities and motivation to perform well; and are empowered to innovate, change and lead. People working in this work environment feel attached to their work and are mostly happy and motivated in their working role. This state of wellness from employees transfers into their work and onto the people they work with; work colleagues/patients/clients/service users and their families and carers.

Developing Organisation Health Standards allow an organisation to implement and work towards evidence based best practice to promote sustainable health improvement and to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of employees in a safe and supportive healthy work environment. Standards allow for corporate responsibility and the development of a work culture, practices and employee behaviours that reflect the Organisations core values (care, compassion, trust and learning ref: HSE Corporate Plan 2015-2017) in all aspect of the Organisation i.e. Policy, Organisation, Environment, Community, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. Standards also facilitate the integration of all HSE Functions with responsibility for delivery of workplace/staff health and wellbeing initiatives and ensure that such initiatives are delivered within a framework that is in accordance with evidence based practice that is sustainable and encompasses all aspects of workplace health.

It is vital that the HSE can measure Organisational Health to underline what impacts on employee health and wellbeing and performance and allow for benchmarking to compare like with like. The development of Organisational Health Matrix will allow;

  • a baseline of the HSE’s organisation and employee health and wellbeing
  • ability to track improvement especially where workplace/staff health and wellbeing initiatives have been implemented
  • insight into what is working and what is not working
  • a road map to improve Organisational Health