“Employee Assistance and Counselling Service”

(previously known as EAP / EAS)

The Employee Assistance and Counselling Service” (EACS) is a national independent service that is available free of charge to all employees in HSE funded hospitals and community health organisations and divisions.

EACS provide the following free and confidential services to staff

Counselling for employees is provided by each EAC Service.

Asterix (*) indicates services provided by internal staff.

* Consultancy to Managers on staff wellbeing issues

* Critical Incident Stress Management (C.I.S.M.) Individual & group staff support following a critical incident & other CISM supports.

*Pre Incident Critical Incident Stress Management training for staff, managers and teams

*General and Group Staff Support

*Staff Wellbeing Workshop

*Linkage with Educational Institutions

*Input into training modules

*Linkage with other appropriate support services


EACS provides confidential professional support and counselling to employees. This free confidential service is provided to support employees at a time of difficulty with personal and or work related issues.

Employees do not need to contact HR or their line manager to access this service.  The service is provided across each Community Health Organisation, Hospital Group, Primary Care Reimbursement Service and National Ambulance Division. Depending on your work location, the EAC Service will be provided by internal practitioners and may also be provided by an agency provider. All practitioners within the service are accredited and required to maintain continuous professional development standards.