The following section will provides you with all the relevant guidelines created by the HSE and the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit in relation to Health & Safety. Below you will find a link to these guidelines:

Guideline Documents

Safe Driving for Work

Guideline for developing your Site/Service Safety Statement

Safety Advisory Guidance Notes (SAGN’s)

National DGSA Single Supplier Framework 

Pregnant Employee Risk Assessment

Slips Trips and Falls 

Safety Documentation to support the implementation of a Safety Mgt Programme 

Suspicious Packages – Biological/Chemical threats by post 

Occupational Hygiene 

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are substances and articles which have been identified as hazardous for transport and present a risk to people, property and the environment.  Some examples of HSE dangerous goods include; clinical waste, specimens, laboratory waste, pharmacy waste and gases.

Dangerous Goods Legislation requires the control of the transportation of dangerous goods with rigorous regard for the safety of those who are handling those goods, the wider general public, property and the environment.

The regulations place specific duties on the HSE as a consignor, carrier, packer, loader, un-loader, and driver and requires the HSE to appoint competent and appropriately qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) to advise on the safe transportation of dangerous goods both nationally and internationally. 

To assist you, the HSE has adopted a single supplier framework for the procurement of external DGSA services.  THE NHSF have developed a Safety Advisory Note SAGN 008:02 to provide further guidance and assistance in the use of this framework.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you have made an internal DGSA appointment, you must use this process outlined in the above documents to appoint DGSA services.

To assist all relevant healthcare workers in the HSE/Voluntary Hospital/Primary Care Services, who are Involved in the:

  •  Management of decontamination units,
  •  Transport of uncleaned Reusable Invasive Medical Devices by road or
  •  procurement of services

the following Guidance document has been devised to support Hospital Groups and Primary Care Services to meet the European requirements for Transport of Uncleaned Reusable Invasive Medical Devices by Road. To access a copy of the “Guidance on the Implementation of the Health and Safety Authority Competent Authority – Exemption 03/2016 on the Carriage of Uncleaned Reusable Invasive Medical Devices by Road“, please click here.


Checklist for Interview Rooms

Checklist for identifying a suitable training venue

Checklist for Office Environments

Strategy for Doctors’ Health and Wellbeing 2018-2021

The “Health Doctors Strategy” (2018) has been developed by WHW in conjunction with a number of stakeholders following an extensive consultative process. Download here.