Health Service Executive Code of Governance and Associated HR documents:

HSE HR Circulars Relating to Workplace Health and Wellbeing (reverse chronological)

Title Date Issued Link
HR Circular 005/2018 re HSE Sick pay andIllness/Occupational Injury Benefit Payments from DEASP Jan-18 Link
HSE HR Circular 002/2017 – Extension of(1) Insurance Based Scheme and Insurance based Mechanism, to Nurses employedin Emergency Departments and Related Areas. Feb-17 Link
HR Circular 012/2017 – Employerobligations to Doctors on Postgraduate Specialist Medical Training Schemes May-17 Link
HR Circular 0013a/2017 re Injury at WorkAllowance Nov-17 Link
HR Circular 027/2017 re Nursing /Midwifery Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Jul-17 Link
HR Circular 028/2017 re Reporting ofextent of compliance with the requirements of the European Working TimeDirective in relation to Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors and Social Carestaff Jul-17 Link
HR Circular 029/2017 re Injury AllowanceDegree of Impairment and Retrospective Application Sep-17 Link
HR Circular 035/2017 re Peer Fluvaccination programme 2017 Oct-17 Link
HR Circular 023/2015 – Shorter WorkingYear Scheme (to replace Circular 018/2009) Oct-15 Link
 HRCircular 019/2015 New Pregnancy-Related Sick Leave Provisions Aug-15 Link
Public Service Management (Sick Leave)Regulations 2014 (S.I. No. 124 of 2014) May-14 Link
Policy on Management of Work RelatedAggression and Violence Oct-14 Link
HSE Long Term Absence Benefit SchemesGuidelines Jan-13 Link
HSE Policy for Preventing and ManagingCritical Incident Stress Jan-13 Link
Details of Career Break Scheme May-13 Link
Manual Handling and People Handling Policy Jul-13 Link
New Public Service Sick Leave Scheme Ref:LCR20335 Jan-14 Link
HR Circular 004/2012 re Public Holidayentitlement during sick leave (All Officer and General Support Staff who worka Mon-Fri attendance regime) Jan-12 Link
HR Circular 016/2012 re CompassionateLeave in the Health Service Aug-12 Link
HR Circular 020/2012 re Self CertifiedPaid Sick Leave Arrangements Oct-12 Link
HR Circular 003/2011 re Amendment toParental Leave Arrangements (Age Limits) Jul-11 Link
HSE HR Circular 002/2010 re Cycle to WorkScheme Jan-10 Link
HSE HR Circular 02/2009 re ManagingAttendance Policy January 2009 (Revision 2014) Link
HSE HR Circular 05/2009 reStandardisation of Terms and Conditions of Employment Mar-09 Link
HSE HR Circular 012/2009 reImplementation of Recommendations of Report on the Prevention of Transmissionof Blood Borne Diseases in the Health Care Setting Apr-09 Link
HSE HR Circular 029/2009 Re Code ofStandards and Behaviour Oct-09 Link
HSE HR Circular 17/2008 – Deployment with the Rapid response Corps (RRC) Jun-08 Link
HSE HR Circular 025-2008 re Pregnancyrelated Sick Leave Nov-08 Link


HSE HR Policies

Annual Certification of Registration of Nurses and Midwives with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland

Annual Certification of Registration of Social Workers with the Social Workers Registration Board at CORU – July 2014

Children First 2011 – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children

Code of Standards and Behaviour -June 2009

Compliance with Health Sector Pay Policy – September 2013

Dignity at Work Policy for the Health Service – May 2009

Disciplinary Procedure for Employees of the HSE – 2007

Employee Resource Pack

Employee Wellbeing and Welfare Strategy – 2009

Erasures and Sanctions issued by Regulatory Authorities against HSE employees -April 2012

Garda Clearance of New Employees – April 2007

Garda Vetting and Assessment of Existing Employees in the Health Service – March 2012

Good Faith Reporting Policy – September 2011

Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure for the Health Service – May 2004

Guidance Document on the management of Temporary Appointments – August 2014

Integrated Employee Wellbeing and Welfare Strategy – 2009

Latex Allergy Prevention and Management – August 2011

Leave for Elected Representatives of Local Authorities – December 2012

Long Term Absence Benefit Schemes Guidelines – December 2012

Managing Attendance Policy – January 2009 (revised May 2014)

Manual Handling and People Moving Policy – September 2012

National Tobacco Free Campus Policy – April 2012

National Transfer Policy – April 2007

Pandemic Absence Sick Leave Procedure Reporting -September 2010

Policy and Guidelines for Lone Working – December 2012

Policy for Preventing and Managing Critical Incident Stress – December 2012

Policy for Prevention and Management of Stress in the Workplace – December 2012

Policy on Management of Work Related Aggression and Violence – October 2014

Policy Statement on Fraud and Corruption – Information and Guidelines for Staff – February 2015

Protected Disclosures of Information in the Workplace – March 2009

Protecting Staff from Secondhand Smoke

Redeployment of Staff in a National Pandemic or other Major Emergency – September 2010

Rehabilitation of Employees back to Work after Illness or Injury – August 2011

Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons at Risk of Abuse – December 2014

Secondment Policy and Procedures – August 2011

Support Contact Persons – Dignity at Work Policy

Terms and Conditions of Employment – March 2017

Trust in Care Policy – May 2005


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